Is Your Job Draining You? 5 Mindbody Tips to a Better Career!

Miriam Racquel Feldman
6 min readSep 11, 2022


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by Miriam Racquel Feldman, Somatic Healer, Clarity coach & Relationship Expert

Dear Awesome Woman,

I was sitting on the airplane sharing a wonderful conversation with another passenger. She mentioned that she is a Licensed therapist and loves her job. I also love my job and feel very blessed to do what I do as a somatic healer and relationship coach.

Often, however, I get calls from women who are deeply unhappy with their jobs. Oh, they love the money they’re making — these are very talented and skilled women — yet, they are getting headaches, muscle pain, and stress. Their job is draining them of vital energy.

From a Somatic/Mindbody health perspective, being in a job that you don’t enjoy or being in an office environment that is toxic with gossip and unkindness affects your nervous system, and that in turn affects your health. You are here on this planet as a soul within a body and a sick and drained body is a poor vessel for your spirit.

But what can you do if the money is necessary? What changes can you make that are healthier for your body?

To create a new reality for yourself where you have a job that you love and one that energizes you rather than drains you, here are a few steps you can take:

1) Be Kind to You

A lot of life is reflection. Meaning, when we treat ourselves unkindly or with criticism, we may just attract that energy to us in the way of a toxic work environment, a mean co-worker, an angry boss. The kinder and more respectful you are to yourself, the more kind the universe will be to you.

2) Be Wary of the Pressure You Put on Yourself

Are you “shoulding” yourself?

“I should make more money. I should work longer hours. I should….”

Notice how the word “should” feels in your body. Does your body shrink or do you feel a constriction in your throat or chest? This is your nervous system reacting to being bombarded with slavedriver thoughts. Pressure.

Now change every “should” into a “can choose to” and notice what happens in your body. Do you sit up a bit straighter? Is there less constriction?

You can choose to make more money but don’t want more hours away from your family or more pressure on yourself.

You can choose to work longer hours but don’t choose this because you have other priorities in your life.

Using the words “choose to” is much kinder to your body and much more realistic than the word “should” which more often than not contains negative judgment and an energy that reeks of compare and despair, and criticism.

Be kind to yourself in your choices.

3) Notice What Lights You Up

What situations, people and activities uplift your spirit and fill you with a sense of energy and purpose? What kind of jobs do you feel attracted to? Right now we’re not taking a big step of deciding which new profession or job to move into. Just by noticing the things that feel expansive to you or happy and uplifting, you’re taking little steps in exploring what affects your body in a positive way.

What learning style do you have? (please read:You Don’t Need to Do It their Way)

Are you an extrovert or introvert? (please read: Recipe for an Introvert (and Extroverts Needing a Break)

Tap into your body’s wisdom by becoming aware over the next few weeks what brings a sense of expansion and lightness as opposed to what brings heaviness and dread.

Jot these awarenesses down in a journal.

4) Take Small Action Steps

It’s important not to overwhelm your body by over activating your nervous system into panic, stress, fight and flight with big goals or big steps. Tiny ones can make a big difference in getting on the path to a new direction.

a) What small steps of action can you take to explore the possibility of a new opportunity? Are there people to reach out to and question? Is part time an option? What is the reality of working in that position? Perhaps throw out some questions on a Whatsapp group. Women are usually willing to give their opinions and you may get some great information this way.

b) If you’re married and a job change would affect household income, have a heart to heart with your husband. Start by sharing your desire: “I’d love to find a new job. I can’t keep working at one that depletes my energy and one that I dislike so much. I’m exploring first by gathering information and seeing what opportunities there are in positions that may be healthier for me. And I’m aware of the money concern so I will do my best in keeping that in mind.” (check out — When There’s Tension With Your Husband Around Important Issues, Try This!)

Words have a powerful effect on our emotions — some say that they create our emotions. As you walk the tightrope of contemplating change, play in your head the mantra of empowering words. You will feel that effect in your body and it will help you feel strong and brave as you explore new territory. I love this affirmation/intention from Louise Hay:

“I have a job I love, I work with and for people I truly like and I earn great money!”

All big steps start with little ones. Have patience and keep your eyes wide open for synchronicities and possibilities.

5) Work With A Higher Sense of Purpose

Keep in mind this great wisdom from my spiritual mentor, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, “Money is soul-energy, it represents the very energy of life itself; depending on how you use it, it can either free you or enslave you.”

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

I wish you much success in finding a job that fills you with energy and joy! These steps of tapping into your creative potential with kindness to yourself and body will give you the strength to forge a new path.

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Love & blessings,

Miriam Racquel Feldman

Somatic/Mindbody Healer, Clarity Coach & Relationship Expert

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