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Living in Moments

Mindbody Wellness Clarity Tips

by Miriam Racquel Feldman, Somatic/Mindbody Healer & Relationship Coach, Author

Dear Awesome Woman,

“I walk outside and the warm weather engulfs me, the scent of blooming flowers filling the air. I’m in heaven.

For a moment in time.

And then the smoke of my neighbor’s cigarette hits my nostrils, and it smells foul. I am submerged in a moment of disappointment.

A few minutes pass as I engage in my garden, admiring new buds, fresh blooms and vibrant colors. My neighbor goes back inside his home (I hear his door close) and I am grateful to return to peace and blessed heavenly aromas. Such is life. We only have moments.”

Does this happen to you? Moments of time where things feel beautiful and then the imperfect? The disappointments, the confusions, the feeling of sadness, frustration, regret?

So how do we get through the moments that don’t feel good? How do we navigate those ups and downs that accompany us through our everyday life?

The key is to just notice. Emotions are “energy in motion” and present as physical sensations in your body. When you notice them, they flow. Your body is giving wisdom to you.

When you have moments of joy, feel it in your body — is there expansion in your chest, an uplift in your being? Take a moment to celebrate those moments. Lift your arms up in a victory “V.” This somatic movement brings blood flow to your head, which means more oxygen. And in the words of body language expert, Patti Wood, it will “boost your feelings of joy, happiness, confidence and success.”

When you have moments of disappointment, feel it in your body. Do you feel slumpy, heavy, droopy, constricted? Put your hand on your chest and slump and droop. You’re just noticing the sensation and letting that energy flow. Then straighten up with a stretch upward to allow that blood flow to your brain. Even celebrate yourself with a Yay Me! for giving yourself a somatic moment! Great for your body and brain.

If you’re able to do this throughout your day, you will feel healthier and be able to navigate those ups and downs more smoothly. Not everything will be cured because we do have limiting beliefs (thoughts are real but not necessarily true!), childhood wounds, and situations in our lives that can be very difficult to manage. But the somatic approach definitely offers more freedom and alignment with your highest good.

Sending blessings for many magical moments today♡

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Love & blessings,

Miriam Racquel Feldman

Somatic/Mindbody Healer, Clarity Coach & Relationship Expert



Author of God Said What?! #MyOrthodoxLife”



Miriam Racquel Feldman

Somatic Healer/Clarity Coach/ Relationship Expert . Empowering women to trust themselves through the wisdom of their bodies & intuition. Visit MiriamRacquel.com