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Arms Up! And Cheer Yourself On!

Mindbody Wellness Clarity Tips

by Miriam Racquel Feldman, Somatic Healer & Relationship Coach

Dear Awesome Woman,

“Hands up and say, ‘Yay me!’” I said to my cherished client on the phone. “That was an amazing thing that you did. Good for you! It’s time to celebrate yourself.”

When I’m with my clients in sessions, I have them put their hands up in the air and say, “Yay me!” as a somatic-feel-good uplift for their body and soul. I want them to notice how well they really are doing in life in spite of whatever challenging situations that they are in. I also encourage them to do this throughout their day — to find moments in time to celebrate themselves with arms up. I want them to become their own cheerleader. If not them, then who? Sure, I consider myself one of their cheerleaders, but I’m not there with them through all their waking hours. But they are.

Sometimes we spend a lot of time in life waiting for the perfect situation or person that will make us feel like we’re doing great. Well, it’s time to stop waiting and become your own cheerleader.

Situations are always shifting (Are You Drained, Burned Out and Running On Empty? It’s Time To Dissolve) and relationships are everchanging — that perfect time of approval may never come. But if you put your arms up and cheer yourself on, you’ll be invested with an uplift of energy that will help your health and your goals.

In fact, physiologically, bringing your arms up above your head brings a surge of oxygen-rich blood to your head giving you greater clarity in your mind, as well as a flow of energy to your body. You will get a burst of positive energy and your body will feel that health benefit. Making this movement a habit helps you change the neuropathways of your brain which has the tendency to see how you are lacking and what you need to fix instead of all that you are doing right.

So ask yourself right now what you can celebrate throughout your day:

— Did you get out of bed to start your day? The way the world is nowadays, there may be many of us who don’t want to get out of bed. Who knows what disease, collapse, or weather tragedy could be happening? And yet, put your hands up and celebrate yourself for rising out of bed and having faith in your resiliency and abilities. In Judaism, there is a prayer said upon awakening, and not only does it thank G-d for returning the soul to the body, but it thanks G-d for having faith in us. Faith in us to illuminate our part of this vast universe.

— Did you eat something healthy during your day? Take care of your body in some way?

— Did you do an act of kindness?

— Did you say a kind word to a co-worker, child, friend, spouse, parent, and/or stranger?

— Did you do something that you didn’t really want to do, but you have a goal that you’re working towards and you did it anyway?

I invite you, throughout your week, to throw your hands up and celebrate yourself. Go ahead! Hands up and proclaim, “Yay me!” Give yourself that positive boost today!

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Love & blessings,

Miriam Racquel Feldman

Somatic/Mindbody Healer, Clarity Coach & Relationship Expert

Author of God Said What?! #MyOrthodoxLife”





Miriam Racquel Feldman

Somatic Healer/Clarity Coach/ Relationship Expert . Empowering women to trust themselves through the wisdom of their bodies & intuition. Visit MiriamRacquel.com